Trying to eat..when you have kids

Stealthy as possible the Mom sneaks to the kicthen…quietly slipping a bagel into the toaster..pushing the lever down then pausing.. did they hear it? so far. She feigns clearing the counter so they won’t get suspicious, they are looking at her, does she have food? No..just doing momish things.
The toaster pops and Mom freezes, like a gazelle on the plains, grazing in fear of lions. Carefully now..extract the jam from the fridge..pull the butter close. Knife in hand, steady now..dont make a sound, smooth the creamy spread across the surface, cautiously,  silently!
Suddenly there is movement! Oh no! The biggest one raises her head and sniffs.. a lioness has sented the gazelle. “Bagel!” She yells “Bagel!” She’s running toward the Mom..the two little ones trailing behind like twin jackals.  Mom spins, looking for a place to hide, shes cornered! They claw at her pajama pants as she desperately stuffs the bagel into her mouth, squawking and yelling at her the whole time. She sees an opening and makes a break for it..dashing to momentary safety at the kitchen table she manages to chew the final bites.
Shes done it, just barely,  managed to give herself sustenance mere hours after rising.