Why I am a super mom..and YOU are to

There have been times when I’ve been out in public, struggling to contain 2 struggling, hollering toddlers, when other moms have said to me “your a super mom, I dont know how you do it!” It always baffles me a bit that they say this…me super? I reflect on my self..often un-showered, hair everywhere and no make up. Many days I feel like I will hardly make it through til bed time with my sanity in tact. How do I do?..I do it for the love I have for my children, just like any of us do. Because I had 2 at a time doesnt make me anymore of a super mom..just means my life is a tad bit more insane! I do things two at a time, that has become my norm and I am used to it now. Do not get me wrong, these comments boost my spirits and though my modesty usually argues I try to always take them to heart and say to myself “yes I AM a super mom” But so are you!

We have all struggled and fought for our children. We have endured pain and tears and blood. So many of us do it on our own, as our men work away from home to support us, or because the “men” (to use the word loosely) who can help create children but can not be bothered to help raise them, have left.

Wether we have pushed for hours and endured blinding, incomprehensible pain bringing our children into the world, or been prepped and poked by doctors, paralyzed from the chest down and sliced open. Or in my case..and probably many others, have been through both. We ARE super moms.
Maybe you breast fed like a champ right off the bat, or maybe you struggled for weeks before achieving success. Maybe you cried your self to sleep because that precious milk did not come and you were forced to formula. Maybe you chose formula because that was what was right for you and your baby. It doesn’t matter,  your baby is loved and fed..you ARE a super mom.

Perhaps you use all the wonderful and adorable prints and colours of cloth diapers, or maybe you prefer the handy and quick disposable diaper. Oooorrrr just maybe you bought tons of cloth diapers and end up using disposable half the time because your “lazy” and you laundry room is already full enough to burst. If your baby is dry, clean and happy..you ARE a super mom.

It makes me sad that so many moms are at each others throats for making different choices then their own. We need to stop pulling each other down and instead be a support system for each other..we are all in this together. Cheers to all the moms near and far..lets stick together..we will all be stronger because of it.

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