Five Years In

I started this blog when my boys weren’t even one year old. In the time since, I’ve made a sum total of 11 posts. Even with every intention I had to post regularly, and even with the love I have for writing, I made eleven posts in five years. If that isn’t a testament to motherhood, than I am not sure what is.

This was supposed to be a place where I could spill my thoughts, and garner support, understanding, and hopefully a few laughs, from other mothers. After all, we are sisters, are we not? We were supposed to be able to bond over tears and spills, and potty training ect. Who am I kidding, I barely manage to do that with the women who live a block from me.

I would like to make big promises of how I am going to start keeping this up, and maybe I will, maybe the next time I have a funny story, I will share it. Maybe the next time I shed tears over the futility of it all, I’ll share it! Time, fickle fleeting thing that it is, will tell, won’t it!


Here’s the boys and I, year five and official preschool graduates. Twin mommas out there, we got this.