Maybe I am doing ok..

Night after night its the same scene in our house, I am frantically trying to scrape together a dinner that is reasonably healthy,  quick and budget friendly. Two toddlers hanging off my legs, occasionally injuring themselves or each other and a five year old screaming at me because I won’t let her have a snack a half hour before dinner. I try my best to swollow down the frustration and anxiety it causes and do my darnedest to get the food on the table before one of the little rug rats spontaneously combust.

There..finally its done. Boys strapped into their boosters, daughter taking 15 minutes to wash her hands then stamping to the table grumbling about not being hungry and wanting to play. Funny, when half an hour ago a snack was all that going to keep you from certain starvation. For about a minute there is quiet, I wipe sweat off my brow and manage to dish up my own plate. Then I sit down..and it begins “what IS this??” “It smells funny!” The boys eat a few bites, then forks start flying, sippy cups hit the floor, quickly followed by large quantities of the dinner I worked so hard to make. “I’m not hungry,  I don’t want to eat”  “if I eat 3 bites can I go?” Every night its a wheel and deal situation,  then the twins are spitting out their food and throwing it here, there and everywhere. I’ve had enough,  I go in the bathroom and pour their bath in pretense,  to hide my tears of frustration.

The boys could care less, they gleefully squeal and toss their food about, smashing utensils and plates against the table, bouncing to the rthym it makes. But my daughter knows, yelling apologies to me . All I can think is one day, one day you will know how it feels, and maybe then you’ll appreciate that I tried. Thats my hope, that I will do my job as a mother and raise you with the respect and appreciation for a healthy home made meal that one should have, that I have from my own mother. I wonder how it was for her,  did we do the same thing? Probably.  Then my daughter does something that restores my hope in my self, and brings tears back to my eyes.

She goes to the closet and gets out the broom,  proceeding to clean the table and sweep up the mess her brothers made. At 5 years old she understood that my frustration stemed from not only the fact that they weren’t eating but also that I would have to clean up this mess, throw away valuable food and she helped me where she could.

All I can truly hope for in my role as a parent is to raise compassionate,  caring and independent human beings. The simple act of my daughter trying to make me feel better shows me that maybe I am doing ok.


Twin boys..need I say more?


Sometimes while dealing with our almost 6 year old daughter,  my hubby and I joke..thank god the twins are boys! Seriously…3 girls..that would have been some scary stuff..but having 2 boys..2 TODDLER that really any less scary? I think not. Rather male or female, raising any child is a challenge…here is a list of things I have found out about having 2 baby boys.

1. You absolutely can not change a poopy diaper on one brother without the other becoming instantly enthralled with what your doing. If it was simple a pee diaper..well that is of no interest,  however. .poop!? Well..suddenly what your trying to accomplish goes from a simple diaper change to something akin to holding down a 30 lb wild salmon with one arm and fending off an octopus with the other. This is where your feet and elbows become invaluable tools in the process as they can be used to hold down the diaper victim and ward off the inquisitive brother.

2. You will find your self shouting penis related things you never imagined earlier in your life you would ever have to say.. Things like “Let go of your brothers weiner!!” (Usually multiple times a day) or “Don’t try to wrap it around the ducky!” “Get off your brothers balls! ” “Don’t stretch it out like that!” And..if your really lucky your daughter will observe you doing a change and remark..”hey look, its standing up!” While all you can do is pray she doesn’t ask you why.

* Side note…as I sit on the deck with my sons and write this Mr. L strolles over butt naked and dropes his diaper in my lap..thanks dude..its pants for you next time. Be careful on your tricycle! Don’t get that caught.

3. Even though mine are only currently 16 months old they already fight over everything…giving me and their father a glimpse into our future.  I can only hope they never like the same girl..but they will because they always want what the other has!

* Another side note..naked Mr.L has now peed on the deck and is mopping it up with his sock.

4. Everything must be baby proofed!! And even then..good luck with it actually working. With my daughter I don’t remember baby proofing anything besides moving a few dangerous things out of her reach. With my boys everything is locked down..most of it with duct tape. The little latch things to keep cupboards shut..they rip them off in a blink of an eye..the plug protectors..they have mastered the art of pulling them out. Duct tape..where would we be without you!?


5. They eat..and eat..and eat.. I have found out that one 16 month old boy can and will eat as much as his 5.5 year old sister..two 16 month old boys… get what I am saying. I am constantly at the grocery store..and every time I go I buy at least two bunches of bananas, the biggest bunches (which the boys often try to devour green while in the shopping cart. ) The cashiers probably think I have pet monkies..nope..well not the hairy kind anyway!

6. I have never laughed and smillied more then I have since my family became complete with those two little rascals. Watching my 3 babies play together, or the boys run down the hall in glee to great their sister in the morning, makes all the shower less, stressful,  sometimes seemingly endless days worth it. That..and wine..thank god for wine!


Why I am a super mom..and YOU are to

There have been times when I’ve been out in public, struggling to contain 2 struggling, hollering toddlers, when other moms have said to me “your a super mom, I dont know how you do it!” It always baffles me a bit that they say this…me super? I reflect on my self..often un-showered, hair everywhere and no make up. Many days I feel like I will hardly make it through til bed time with my sanity in tact. How do I do?..I do it for the love I have for my children, just like any of us do. Because I had 2 at a time doesnt make me anymore of a super mom..just means my life is a tad bit more insane! I do things two at a time, that has become my norm and I am used to it now. Do not get me wrong, these comments boost my spirits and though my modesty usually argues I try to always take them to heart and say to myself “yes I AM a super mom” But so are you!

We have all struggled and fought for our children. We have endured pain and tears and blood. So many of us do it on our own, as our men work away from home to support us, or because the “men” (to use the word loosely) who can help create children but can not be bothered to help raise them, have left.

Wether we have pushed for hours and endured blinding, incomprehensible pain bringing our children into the world, or been prepped and poked by doctors, paralyzed from the chest down and sliced open. Or in my case..and probably many others, have been through both. We ARE super moms.
Maybe you breast fed like a champ right off the bat, or maybe you struggled for weeks before achieving success. Maybe you cried your self to sleep because that precious milk did not come and you were forced to formula. Maybe you chose formula because that was what was right for you and your baby. It doesn’t matter,  your baby is loved and ARE a super mom.

Perhaps you use all the wonderful and adorable prints and colours of cloth diapers, or maybe you prefer the handy and quick disposable diaper. Oooorrrr just maybe you bought tons of cloth diapers and end up using disposable half the time because your “lazy” and you laundry room is already full enough to burst. If your baby is dry, clean and ARE a super mom.

It makes me sad that so many moms are at each others throats for making different choices then their own. We need to stop pulling each other down and instead be a support system for each other..we are all in this together. Cheers to all the moms near and far..lets stick together..we will all be stronger because of it.

Trying to eat..when you have kids

Stealthy as possible the Mom sneaks to the kicthen…quietly slipping a bagel into the toaster..pushing the lever down then pausing.. did they hear it? so far. She feigns clearing the counter so they won’t get suspicious, they are looking at her, does she have food? No..just doing momish things.
The toaster pops and Mom freezes, like a gazelle on the plains, grazing in fear of lions. Carefully now..extract the jam from the fridge..pull the butter close. Knife in hand, steady now..dont make a sound, smooth the creamy spread across the surface, cautiously,  silently!
Suddenly there is movement! Oh no! The biggest one raises her head and sniffs.. a lioness has sented the gazelle. “Bagel!” She yells “Bagel!” She’s running toward the Mom..the two little ones trailing behind like twin jackals.  Mom spins, looking for a place to hide, shes cornered! They claw at her pajama pants as she desperately stuffs the bagel into her mouth, squawking and yelling at her the whole time. She sees an opening and makes a break for it..dashing to momentary safety at the kitchen table she manages to chew the final bites.
Shes done it, just barely,  managed to give herself sustenance mere hours after rising.


Hello, new blogger here. This something I’ve wanted to do for awhile now, although I am totally foreign to it I look forward to keeping a chronicle of my life via the wonders of the internet!

Time is an issue for me..3 beautiful and busy children keep me on my toes 24/7..and leave little ME time, but I wouldn’t change a thing. However Ive always enjoyed writing and lately have had the inkling to express myself more creatively, an outlet in a way I suppose.  I dont know if anyone will read it, I am not going to be heart broken if they dont, but atleast in 5, 10 or however many years down the road I can look back and see the stories and the memories that I shared here.

As I try to quickly type this out on my phone I hear my children giggling in the living room…as long as there is no silence I know all is well…silence is NOT golden when youve got rug rats.  With that being said..mommy duties call..supper time!

Bye for now